Day Engine was an entry for the 2013 Google Cloud Developer's Challenge (GCDC).

Unfortunately Day Engine did not make it into the semi-final for the competition. For the most part the entries that successfully got through thoroughly deserved it, so well done to them. Very jealous.

Judges' Feedback Received 8 Dec 2013

Here is the feedback. Not so helpful, but the email came from good old so I could not get more information.

I couldn't judge this well because the Start Your Day Engine button would not go active. I couldn't do anything other than make selections on the main page.

Feedback from Anonynmous Judge #1

I thought the day setup 'form' was relatively well-cooked. Apparently not! Try it out for yourself here...Please, please, please, if you have issues tell me! Give me something to work with: I'm here or here

You have a lot of work to do, nice idea though still u need to do loads of work to attract advertisers and sponsors.

Feedback from Anonynmous Judge #2

I had not actually got as far as thinking for advertisers and sponsors...

...but if you are a potential advertiser or sponsor and you are already attracted by Day Engine - look me up.

App does nothing.

Feedback from Anonynmous Judge #3

That was it. Magic. Love it! Say it like it is.

About Me Jon Robinson

I have just finished studying Computer Science at the University of Auckland in New Zealand...

...And now I am done and looking for a way to earn money.

To contact me: I'm here or here.

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